Drink in the history with Bridge City Beverages. Inspired by the traditions, creativity and craftsmanship of the areas where we live and work. Your taste buds will be transported through full-bodied flavors with each of our unique fermented fruit beverages.

Bridge City Cabernet Sauvignon

Bridge City

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Love City Rose

Love City

Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Available Styles:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-bodied fermented fruit bursting with dark berry flavors with a smooth finish.


Bursting with robust flavor; A sweetness that's easy to enjoy.


Fermented fruit flowing with herbal, grassy flavors and grounded with light oaky notes.


Grape-forward flavor with a brisk sweetness and pronounced aroma.


Fermented fruit with a light, juicy sweetness balanced by brisk acidity.


Citrus flavors join forces with a sweet concord base.

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